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Photos from Camp  
Start of the camping season on Berounka 2021  
Spring on Berounka 2021  
From the kemp's life in 2018  
New objects in capn in 2018  
New Rooms  
Witches in the air - 30.4.2014  
Cultural events in the 2012 season, or some weekends with artists.  
Fishing in the camp. August 2012  
Above the meanders Berounka Hugo Pavel, brother of Ota Pavel  
Spring cleaning of Berounka river - May 2011  
Witches in the air - 30.4.2011  
Visitor from history - motorcycle  
Action Cunik 2010  
From the life in the camp  
Year 2010 in the camp  
Year 2008 in the camp  
Year 2006 in the camp  
Year 2004 in the camp  
Time before the flood  
Building the camp in 60 years.